"Fred VanVleet has remained local. And that’s helped him go global.

Rockford’s greatest basketball player won an NBA title with the Toronto Raptors in his third season last spring and has since signed endorsements with AND1 shoes, American Express, Axe Canada deodorant and Roots, a Canadian clothing company.

The Roots campaign commercials were shot entirely in Rockford.

“Me doing things around the world, whether it’s in Toronto in the United States or worldwide, that increases my brand for people in Rockford to see what I’m doing outside of Rockford,” VanVleet said in a phone interview after practice Saturday. “Also, a lot of brands that I work with, especially global brands, they love that I’m tied into my community.

“It works on both fronts. I wouldn’t do it other than it’s true to me and true to my heart. That’s what I believe in. So that’s where I’m at.”

All four deals were special to VanVleet. The deodorant commercial showed off his humorous side. Roots came to Rockford to shoot. “That was big,” VanVleet said. American Express had VanVleet promote its AmexBizEdge card for small businesses and featured his FVV23 clothing line.

“That was focused around me as a businessman and an entrepreneur, so that was pretty cool,” VanVleet said.

The AND1 deal, announced in late November with VanVleet signed to be the face of the marketing campaign, was probably the coolest." - Matt Trowbridge, rrstar.com

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