"The NHL is officially in the podcast game.

“Puck Culture” is a new weekly NHL podcast series premiering on Wednesday, Oct. 30, that will focus on what’s happening in hockey both on and off the ice, the league announced on Tuesday.

Host Jackie Redmond will be joined by a rotation of co-hosts from the NHL Network for the 30-40 minute episodes.

“We have found great success with original content that combines hockey with pop culture,” NHL chief content officer and executive vice president Steve Mayer, tells TheWrap. “The positive response from avid and casual hockey fans to ‘Celebrity Wrap,’ our red carpet series, inspired us to double-down with the ‘Puck Culture’ podcasts.

“We have discovered so many from the worlds of music, television, and film who love the NHL. Puck culture will allow our fans to hear from these passionate celebrities.”

Rather than simply breaking down the Xs and Os, the series will talk to NHL players and alumni, super hockey fans and celebrities. It is one of six podcasts the NHL has launched in the past year with additional podcasts expected later this season." - Debbie Emery, The Wrap

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