It’s no secret that fast foot and football go together. Beyond the notion that guests order food while watching the big-screen from their couch, it’s also accurate that many football viewers fit snuggly into the quick-service demographic. Here’s some tangible proof from TVision, a TV and ad measurement company that takes a different approach to the metric. Instead of box and program readings you typically see, TVision measures audience engagement by actually tracking who’s looking at the TV screen. It does so with technology that’s not all that different from what you might see on an Xbox Kinect sensor device. People agree to use the technology and TVision starts gathering intel.

The company provided QSR with a look at how some of the top quick-service brands’ TV ads performed five weeks through the NFL calendar. Let’s examine how they all stack up by Creative Attention Score (CAS), a measure defined by a commercial’s ability to break through by normalizing for the average attention of the surrounding commercial pod. CAS isolates the impact of the creative execution on a viewer’s eyes-on-screen attention. Basically, how engaged is the user with the given ad.

  • Wendy’s: 130
  • Dunkin’: 128
  • Domino’s: 123
  • Subway: 120
  • Taco Bell: 107
  • Burger King: 106
  • Pizza Hut: 105
  • McDonald’s: 103
  • Sonic Drive-In: 102
  • Chipotle: 102
  • Applebee’s (lone full-serve chain studied): 101
  • KFC: 96
  • Arby’s 93

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