Following the signing, Mets GM Sandy Alderson stated the move was purely based on talent. He emphasized that marketing had nothing to do with the former NFL Quarterback joining the team. Even if that is the case, the team now finds itself in a win-win situation as a result.

While Tebow may not actually play for the Mets for a while, if at all, the media attention and potential fan support could make the signing worthwhile.

The $100,000 price tag seems small compared to what his presence can do through the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Regardless of how well Tebow performs in the instructional league or minors, the team will sell tickets and merchandise. Not to mention fans will continue to storm social media to discuss how the move can be successful or backfire.

Some, if not a lot of the feedback will be negative, but is still attention that may boost their market.

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