Pat WhalenPat Whalen has spent the last 20 years in various senior roles in the sports industry. Most recently Pat was the EVP & CMO for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, with responsibilities that included overseeing all sales and marketing of a pro football, pro soccer and a major junior hockey team. Prior to this Pat was the President & CEO of the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club, one of the most successful franchises in the 60 team Canadian Hockey League. He started his career in sports marketing as the Director of Ticket Sales for the Ottawa Senators.

In addition to Pat’s experience in hockey, soccer and football he has spent the last year working with university sports and minor league baseball teams. Including successfully designing, negotiating and selling the naming rights to a ballpark that had been without a name for over 13 years.

If your team or organization is in need of help, reach out to Pat for a free consultation by phone at 613-327-9472, e-mail or @pswhalen on Twitter.


Those members of The Aspire Group Family that have had the pleasure of working with Pat Whalen during our partnership at the Ottawa 67's/ OSEG have found him to be the consummate professional. Experienced, smart, good listener and firm decision-maker. We have not always seen eye to eye on every issue but we have always worked to a resolution that is fair and best for both parties. Such qualities of toughness, experience, having his feet on the ground, awareness of the necessary details, good communicator, team player and reasonable partner is, in my 30 + years of experience in this industry, very hard to find.

In short, any organization fortunate enough to snag his services will have a very skilled and effective executive on their management team. Pat is a consensus builder that gets things done, challenges the status quo and is committed to producing bottom-line results.

Bernard J Mullin, Ph D, Chairman and CEO
The Aspire Sport Marketing Group LLC.

Pat joined me very early on in my ownership of the 67’s it was easily the most significant event to occur in my ownership from a business perspective. Pat was instrumental in improving every aspect of our organization and brought some much needed experience and instincts. We went from worst in the CHL to best thanks to Pat leadership, energy and some great marketing ideas along the way.

If your company has the opportunity to work with Pat take advantage of it, you won’t regret it.

Jeff Hunt
Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

Strong building have strong foundations. Strong business teams are no different. Pat Whalen’s keen ability to provide advice and to assist us to decipher our needs as well as giving us direction on how we should prioritize our many duties was instrumental in assisting the Saginaw Spirit to build a strong foundation as we began our franchise.

I would recommend working with Pat and any investment that a sports organization would have in doing so, will come back to them in a gusher of revenue and cost saving strategies if they follow his instructions.

Craig Goslin
President & Managing Partner
Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club

When we purchased the IceDogs and moved the team to Niagara, we had 84 days until our season commenced and zero knowledge on how to go about setting things up. Pat’s guidance and direction proved to be invaluable to us. His dedication and commitment in educating us on how to run a successful hockey program certainly paved the way for us to be the viable business that we are today.

Denise Burke
Niagara IceDogs

Throughout my 20+ year career in sports I can wholeheartedly say that he is one of the most dynamic leaders I have ever worked with/for. Pat identifies talent well (many of his hires are with/were with the Ottawa Senators for 15+ years) and has an innate ability to bring the best out of his staff. His mantra was to enable, empower & encourage team members long before that became the norm in today’s world.

His team attitude and coaching style of leadership produced phenomenal results in a challenging time.

Pat has been a key mentor in my career and unequivocally a significant factor in laying the foundation for the success I have been able to achieve.

Joe Lowes
Director, Corporate Partnerships
Tennis Canada

As Director of Suite Sales at the Ottawa 67’s for six seasons I worked directly for Pat Whalen and found his dedication to the team to be remarkable. It takes a very special person to do and balance the work he has done over the years in such a passionate industry. As a mentor and supervisor Pat provided some of the best opportunities for growing my skills and some of the best examples of what a supervisor should be. I appreciate that Pat encouraged me to look at problems from a different perspective which has served me well as I continue in my career. Pat’s willingness to help people, to never ask his staff to take on a job he wasn’t prepared to do himself and stay calm and collected in any situation are something not everyone is capable of. Pat’s Strong team leadership and his resilience to overcoming any obstacle made my days working at the Ottawa 67s an incredible experience that I will always be thankful for. Pat Whalen has had a profound effect on all the people that he has come into contact with and I am very grateful to be one of those people.

Jessica Roback
Manager, Community Campaign
United Way