"Kim Pegula is fond of saying that when you buy a professional sports team (or two), it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. There are no instructions for when to be hands-on, and when to keep a distance; when to make executive decisions, and when to get out of the way.

“People don’t tell you, ‘Hey, you should do this, this and this,' ” she said in an interview this week with The Buffalo News.

But then Pegula, who with her husband, Terry, owns the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, reconsidered.

“Well,” she added lightly, “sometimes you get too many people telling you what you should do.”

That’s true for any sports team owners, but even more so for Pegula, who doubles as president of both the Bills and the Sabres, a role that positions her at the receiving end of frequent and often intense feedback.

Lately, the reviews have been good: Both teams are off to fast starts. But over the long term of the Pegulas’ ownership, winning has been elusive. The only time the Sabres have appeared in the playoffs is 2011, just months after the Pegulas bought the team. The Bills, which the Pegulas purchased in 2014, have been to the playoffs just once. At the same time, the Pegulas’ business efforts have been largely successful, with solid ticket sales and sponsorship deals in one of pro sports’ smallest markets. The communitywide “One Buffalo” marketing campaign, which Kim Pegula launched after the Bills purchase, has become synonymous with the revitalization of the region." - Tim O'Shei

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