"Julie Haddon:  For starters, we're very fortunate because the NFL games are refresh in of themselves. I mean the pure exhilaration that comes out of a Sunday or a Monday or a Thursday, these competitive match-ups and what's happening on the field and what's happening every game, every minute, every play… there is this electricity in our product. We are really lucky in that our product is always fresh. I think the other way I look at it is how do we keep the brand fresh?

Number one is the players because they are a key part of our team, our franchise, and our brand. There are so many remarkable stories of who these guys are with helmets off and how they show up in the community as leaders, as fathers, and as husbands. They are larger than life personalities, but beyond being elite athletes that we see on TV, these guys are remarkable humans and there are so many wonderful stories for us to tell our fans.

Second is the generations that we have. We're in our hundredth season at the NFL and a hundred years of this game. There are so many things that have happened over these hundred years that touch all generations of fans. For example, I think about the Superbowl spot that for the Hundred Year Game where we featured iconic players like Mean Joe Greene and Jim Brown juxtaposed with today's modern stars like Saquon Barkley. These players bridge generations of fans and connect the game for fans of all ages.

Third is influencers. You know, football is a way of life and is woven into pop culture.  We look at the “influencers” around industries like fashion, gaming, fitness, and music to infuse that fresh culture into football and our game and vice versa. As an example, in our Superbowl spot, we featured Ninja as a cameo, who is one of the biggest stars in e-Sports. Things like this show our commitment to these kinds of mashups at this intersection of sports and gaming and pop culture." - Dave Knox

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