Imagine a world where a Sunday with a full NFL lineup on tap starts with, “Hey, Alexa I would like to place a sports bet.”

Well, that reality might not be too far off.

As New Jersey sports bettors fire up their mobile apps to place a bet, they might want to see what Amazon Alexa has to say.

FanDuel launched a new Alexa skill, FanDuel: Pick 6. Alexa will ask users for their predictions with six questions about an NFL game taking place on Sunday or Monday night. Users predicting all six outcomes correctly receive a code via email for an entry into a $1,000 daily fantasy sports (DFS) freeroll.

FanDuel: Play 6 is evidence that FanDuel is thinking outside the box. Attracting sports bettors to DFS and DFS players to sports betting is a smart marketing strategy.

Sports betting discussions and legislation are happening in several states. FanDuel is keeping DFS players engaged as sports betting spreads. No doubt, access to DFS players across the country will help FanDuel successfully transition from a DFS juggernaut to an online sports betting giant.

The start of the transition hasn’t always been smooth for FanDuel though.

For instance, there were several customers left holding winning tickets and no way to cash out on opening day. And recently the company paid out over $85,000 due to an odds mistake. Even so, the company has handled the glitches in stride, showing it is ready for prime time.

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