GREEN BAY – Normally, when a pro athlete is cut or traded, his local endorsement deals get the ax as well.

Not so with Jordy Nelson, who was cut by the Green Bay Packers on March 13 and subsequently signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Nelson, who had promotional partnerships with Associated Bank and Bellin Health, is in talks to continue his relationship with the Green Bay-based health care provider.

"It is a very unique situation," said Tom Arndt, chief market development officer for Bellin. "We are not purging Jordy automatically. Jordy represents something really positive."

Nelson signed two-year deals with Associated and Bellin in 2015. Endorsement contracts include a wide variety of contingencies. Injuries, such as Nelson's season-ending ACL tear suffered in 2015, don't normally affect a deal in the way that getting cut or traded, retiring or legal trouble would.

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