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Welcome to the Sports Marketing Report


Welcome to the first edition of the Sports Marketing Report. During my 20 years in the sports industry, I have always found it unique that teams and organizations are always willing to share best practices to help others, this is not true of all industries. Our goal with the Sports Marketing Report is simple: each edition will provide you with practical solutions that can be implemented immediately to help your business grow. We will cover all topics that affect your business from Ticket Sales, Sponsorship, Game Day Operations, Finance, Fan Experience and more. Think of us as a portal which you can go to whenever you want to review ideas that have been researched, presented and organized by subject matter in a format that is user friendly and practical, ideas that you can then share with the rest of your business team, whether your team consists of one person or a hundred people. Time is a valuable commodity in our industry, and I want to thank you for taking some of yours to review this publication. It is my hope that you will see tremendous value in each edition, and I welcome your feedback as well as any ideas you would like to share or see covered. You can reach me directly at Yours in sport, Pat

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A Solution To Your Communication Roadblocks


In my role as CEO of National Sports Service I have worked with more than two dozen hockey teams over the past 20 years. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to influence single game ticket sales. Many teams with strong historical attendance that are well regarded in their market are experiencing declines related to single game ticket sales. Similarly, full season ticket sales are increasingly becoming a difficult proposition as people continue to realize they don’t need 30 or 36 or 40 games. Granted there still is the business community who can ‘use’ tickets for every game, but most minor pro hockey teams full season ticket base is dominated by the core audience of individual ticket buyers.

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Naming Rights – Why High Performing Executives and Companies Should Take a Closer Look


When done right, naming rights can be one of the most powerful business instruments in the corporate tool box. A powerful brand “amplification” platform that signals to your competitors, customers, and community leaders that you are dominant, meaningful and alarmingly different. Naming a sports or entertainment venue, a civic amphitheater an iconic theatre etc should always have a unique connection between the property and the brand. It should tell a story and hit on a company’s core business objectives such as:

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The Power of WOW – Part 1


If you want to survive and thrive as a sports seller in a competitive economy you better learn the power of wow, and how to “make wow happen” on a regular basis! What is “wow”? Something that makes your prospect or your customer say (maybe even out loud) “Wow…I didn’t expect that!” Wows are wonderful. Wows show you care. Wows can quickly and powerfully separate you from the competition. And wows can help you create the Holy Grail of marketing — Raving Advocates (vs satisfied customers) who will actively look for ways to tell everyone they know about you and your business!

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Aspires Unique 6 Point Marketing Plan


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is as true a statement as ever. When asked by client partners to review their ticket sales plan, we invariably receive a budget. These "budget plans" lack ticket marketing, sales or service strategy and don’t integrate all of the team’s sport business functions into a united purpose of driving “butts in seats.” Instead, at many sport properties, the marketing, sales, corporate marketing (sponsor ) partnerships, communications/ media relations and community relations functions generally operate in silos with limited regard to driving ticket sales or attendance.

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5 Commandments For An Awesome Digital Presence


Content Marketing is becoming a standard business term, and for good reason. The modern Marketing Executive will focus on creating the best possible content to tell the most relevant stories in order to reach key objectives. Sprinkle in some Digital Strategy and you are now talking about the most consumed content coming from your brand directly to fans. Whether it's on your website, mobile, CRM or social, remember, it's ALL DIGITAL, and it's where your fans are. My Five Commandments are below, but please check out for specific examples of each.

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Featured Q&A: Norm O’Reilly


The following interview is with Dr. Norm O’Reilly. Norm was recognized in 2013 as one of the “Five to Watch” in sports business. He’s the lead researcher on the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study and is a senior advisor at TrojanOne – One of Canada’s leading sports marketing agencies. Norm has conducted over 130 conference presentations in the areas of sports management, sponsorship, risk management, marketing, sport finance, tourism marketing and social marketing. He’s currently named Full Professor and Chair of the world-ranked Department of Sports Administration in the College of Business at Ohio University.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Case Study


This month’s case study features the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL. Chad Johnson, Senior VP of Sales and Shahid Khan, Owner developed a unique solution for the problem that all lot of us deal with; turning some not so desirable seats into a sellable property. We spoke with Chad and he provided us with the following.

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